Are Your Oak Cabinets Just Okay? It's Time To Upgrade - Questions

Are Your Oak Cabinets Just Okay? It's Time To Upgrade - Questions

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Repeat steps 10 and 11. Prep all of your drawers and cabinet doors for painting by cleaning up with TSP alternative and repeating actions 7 through 12.( optional) Fill all fractures and information with caulk. popular paint colors for kitchen cabinets. Preparation your paint and paint sprayer with the correct dilution of pure water. Check your paint sprayer to ensure there's no orange peel.

Paint small locations and difficult angles first!Set up doors and drawers in an upright position on plastic and spray. I advise a minimum of 2 coats. You do not need to sand once again after priming or utilize a topcoat (painting vinyl cabinets). You can likewise go to the FAQs post here or see how the cabinets held up after 5 years here.

Painting our oak cabinets white is among the most rewarding Do It Yourself tasks I have ever dealt with. Seriously, among the best. It certainly isn't the flashiest project I have actually done and it wasn't the fastest by a long shot. But the distinction this one simple action has actually made in our house is incredible.

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And I wanted it to be as quick and painless as possible. Because order. I have actually seen lots of tutorials for painting your cabinets the absolute fastest, easiest method possible and while I am all for that, I am a total perfectionist at heart. I understood I wouldn't enjoy with anything less than a best paint job and I wasn't happy to conserve time if it suggested less than perfect results.

However even with my high expectations, I was able to get rid of a couple of actions by using the ideal paint and products. *: I've gotten loads of questions about how my painted cabinets have held up now that it has actually been over two and a half years since I painted them. I put together a complete post sharing.

Click here to see my complete disclosure policy. Okay, before I enter all the how-to things, let me take a minute to talk about oak cabinets and the wood grain debate. Oak cabinets have the special difference of having an extremely popular wood grain. The majority of pine, maple, cherry etc. wood cabinets don't have this extra problem.

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When you paint oak cabinets white, the grain texture remains really apparent. This does not bother some individuals one bit. However as I said, I'm an overall perfectionist and it bothers me - best primer paint for cabinets. Instead of fresh timeless white cabinets, to me, they appear like outdated oak cabinets that are trying to hide behind white paint.

This was by far the most time-intensive part of the entire project, however the final surface on my cabinets is perfect so it was completely worth it. Before you can really start at all, you need to remove all of the cabinet doors and drawers. Make certain to identify each door as you remove it so you will know precisely where it goes (average cost to sand and paint kitchen cabinets).

I simply labeled a little baggie and stuck all of my hinges and screws in the baggie. This is essential because although cabinet doors might look the very same, if they are put back in the wrong spot, they will not fit correctly.( Trust me. I have a pal that did this and their cabinets that they worked so tough to paint looked awful since the doors were all misaligned.) Just like the majority of painting tasks, preparing the surface for paint takes the majority of the time.

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